Sunday, October 10, 2010

Economics 101

John Reed: Profits.

John Reed
: All right, Miss Bryant, do you want an interview? Write this down. Are you naïve enough to think containing German militarism has anything to do with this war? Don't you understand that England and France own the world economy and Germany just wants a piece of it? Keep writing, Miss Bryant. Miss Bryant, can't you grasp that J. P. Morgan has loaned England and France a billion dollars? And if Germany wins, he won't get it back! More coffee? America'd be entering the war to protect J. P. Morgan's money. If he loses, we'll have a depression. So the real question is, why do we have an economy where the poor have to pay so the rich won't lose money?

via: REDS

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Lydia said...

I'm breathless. Reds is one of my three favorite movies (Julia and Moonstruck are the other two). When my husband and I were married in NYC we spent part of our honeymoon finding former residences where Jack Reed and Louise Bryant had lived, including Croton-on-Hudson! Might sound crazy but it was very romantic. :)