Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just read
 "As a result of this strategy for passing unnoticed, within a few minutes I was lost.  To make things worse, there were no signs to guide visitors and the rooms were not numbered consecutively, which made it extremely difficult to orient oneself; similarly, the combined effect of the erratic stairways, each unlike the others but all burdened with superfluous landings, and the circular and semi-circular corridors, was such that the canniest visitor would sooner or later have been unable to say what floor he was on.  And my predicament was exacerbated by a determination not to ask questions"

- Roberto Bolaño  Monsieur Pain.

'A pity I'm too old and have seen to much to believe it.'  
It has nothing to do with belief,' said Ansky, 'it has to do with understanding, and then changing."

- Roberto Bolaño (2666)

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