Sunday, January 23, 2011

a gesture of both opening and closing

flight before a dream… by Геннадий Тараканов
“… at that moment when words open out onto the things they say, without ambiguity or residuum, they also have an invisible or multiform effect on other words, which they link or dissociate, support and destroy in unavoidable combinations. There, symmetrical with the threshold of meaning, is a secret threshold, curiously open, as if the key forbade crossing the door it fits, as if the gesture creating this fluid, uncertain space were one of definitive mobilization; as if, having come upon this internal door by which it communicates with the dizziness of all its possibilities, language would linger over a gesture of both opening and closing.”
- Michel Foucault, “Speaking and Seeing in Raymond Roussel”

asosyalsosyalist via liquidreams

text: invisible stories 

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Mary Ellen said...

I never suspected Foucault of being a poet before -