Saturday, November 30, 2013

from what is everywhere

I came back I say
I knew you’d come back she says

I arrived here in a boat of ten years I say
Yes she says
I often spoke to you
with tips of my fingers
with thumps of the heart with blood
and with the world’s beauty

I was deaf and blind I say
That’s true she says
I often stood behind a chair
argued with you through your toil
and your suffering

You were patient I say
I had faith she says
It’s possible to be blind
but impossible to walk away
from what is everywhere

I came back I say
though I thought there was no return

A Talk with Mother by Anna Kamieńska, in Astonishments (translated by G. Drabik and D. Curzon)


Lydia said...

Goodness! That is just so lovely, so powerful.

I still love your blog most of all the blogs I visit. It's my special place to come, sometimes to catch my breath, sometimes to breathe deeply and meditatively, sometimes to simply sigh.

Anonymous said...

Pity that you post so often i would like to see weekly posts :)

Taylor said...

I haven't forgot about your lovely blog. Thank you for reaching out, once again xxx