Thursday, August 30, 2012

You are everything that has not yet been lost

(via end-of-may)

Scissors     embers       misnomers       Are you this
loneliness of hands      Do you burrow past kindness    
Are you no less than a cell dividing no more     than an arboretum    
Who has visited you    Who has kept your dark eyes in thrall    
Is there a clear sound     threading through      What you want               
What you say     What you do     Do you know what you are losing
when the dusk seals off the center of things    in the parks     
Hour of dismissal           Nobody stops to sit       as they did during day
I am listening     to the peace that gathers       in the husky throats of
mourning doves     the children     with no need of goods
They told us what our eyes feel     being outside is enough
The moon moves quickly     The years         could shut us out
There is an ache in the lungs     so deep        it can't be heard
A floating-inward     rush of air     Are you rosin     wax
Are you alizarin-crimson         the spiraling glitters of pelicans
over the cone marsh the threshold      at which change becomes
unstoppable     We are traveling     through the unmanifest dark
and have only our skin     to glide by     I will vouch for you
when you make a place for me     in the city of soft gray-bodied trees           
If I have a wish     it is to find you     where I find poetry
Do you ever     close your eyes in full sunlight     Here close your eyes          
You are everything      that has not yet been lost

Joanna Klink's "Aerial"

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Sharon said...

Your posts are always so thoughtful and thought provoking. You unerringly match image and words to create something more than a sum of the parts. You are building an intensely creative world here. May life treat you with special kindness now. It's good to see you back.