Monday, August 15, 2011

All of This is a Dream


Lydia said...

If I had the power to bring someone back to life I would choose Joseph Campbell. We need him again, always.

The image was so beautiful that I clicked the link and had a field day looking over her blog. That set me to exploring more the world of Tumblr, as it has only been in the periphery of my awareness. I considered signing up but decided not to...still, it is tempting to try a whole new way of blogging!

Anonymous said...

it has a very hindu flavor -which schopenhauer shared w/ campbell - on a more pedestrian level, this reminds me of vonnegut's karass from "cat's cradle"

eastern philosophy was a way out of pessimism for both men

campbell disengaged himself from pacifist protests of julian beck back in early sixties - wanted no association with such things

fantastic photo