Wednesday, December 1, 2010


“What is by now evident and clear is that neither future nor past exists, and it is inexact language to speak of three times - past, present and future. Perhaps it would be exact to say: there are three times, a present of things past, a present of things present, a present of things to come. In the soul there are these three aspects of time, and I do not see them anywhere else. The present considering the past is memory, the present considering the present is immediate awareness, the present considering the future is expectation.”
via:  catherinewillis: — Saint Augustine (tnx chrbutler)image: here 


The Owl Diary said...

Time is such a funny thing. I love this. ♥

Susan said...

Oh, thank you for the mention. On behalf of Giulia who is in midst of her regular afternoon nap (as opposed to her morning/mid-morning/late-afternoon naps)while she listens to classical music. xoxo/Susan