Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 "...if you still do not know where your polling place is, please go here & find out. (scan of sign we proudly display)"
via: bricolage


Giulia said...

Thanks, madame. I'm about to blow a gasket so taking a break from calling people. If one more person says, "No I'm not voting" - I fear for my reaction. Think of Lucy yelling so loud on Peanuts that people twirl backward. Grrrr.


Lydia said...

What an inspiring poster, and post. It will be important tonight to remember how badly things can be messed up in two years...which could bode well for a reverse backlash when it really counts in 2012. (These are the things I tell myself to control the worsening case of hives on my arms and legs!)

simon said...

I find it amazing that voting is not compulsory! it is here!

hila said...

voting is compulsory in Australia :) I can't imagine not voting.