Monday, September 6, 2010

September in Paris

"Everyone returns en masse to the city - after a long summer of lazing on the beach, the locals are back, bronzed and ready for action.
This month Paris regains its literary persona: La rentrée is also la rentrée littéraire and all French publishers release a spate of new books ... There will be 701 titles published (85 first novels) with particular hype around the new Michel Houellebecq, Virginie Despentes, Amélie Nothomb, Olivier Adam and Philippe Claudel books. In celebration of all the literary flurry, listen to FestivalandCo's podcasts now up on our site at and see interviews with the authors chez Roederer. Come and get a copy of Shakespeare and Company's The Paris Magazine, only available at the bookshop - have an initial browse on the new website"


simon said...

I stumble on your blog via Bricolage.

This book shop is an absolute favorite of mine. I just love to sit upstairs.

Lydia said...

Darn. I want to go there! At least I have your post to study and enjoy, so thank you for that.

Ian said...