Friday, September 17, 2010

"I intend to travel and write."

Ernest Hemingway

“The blue-backed notebooks, the two pencils and the pencil sharpener ( a pocket knife was too wasteful), the marble-topped tables, the smell of cafe cremes, the smell of early morning sweeping out and mopping and luck were all you needed.” -The Moveable Feast

One of Hemingway's first notebooks. Made in 1908 while he was in elementary school.

"I intend to travel and write."

There has hardly been a more passionate devotee of the pocket notebook than Ernest Hemingway. “I belong to this notebook and this pencil,” he declared. The writer filled notebook after notebook, famously penning new story ideas in the cafes of Paris.
But Hemingway’s notebooks didn’t just come out at the cafes; he brought them on all his travels and adventures, jotting down notes wherever he was-a bar, a train, a bullfight. He was a keen observer of life, trying to capture the richness and texture of his experiences. He stored sights, sounds, and smells away for future use when they would reemerge as vivid passages in his short stories and novels.

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simon said...

I am told that the small cupboard upstairs in shakesperes Books (the one with the type writer in it), was where he wrote some of his books...

nichole said...

Oh wow! We are so on the same page. Some type of zeitgeist for sure.